Who Are We?

The Adult Conductive Education Trust runs a re/habilitation programme based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Our purpose is in helping those with motor delays and neurological disorders to develop key motor skills, cognitive skills and social, emotional, communication skills, all of which are essential for quality of life.

It is our goal to build a community which enables people to have:

  • Bodies that move and are healthy
  • Hearts that are nourished and proud
  • Minds that are purposeful

We currently offer two sessions per week, for a maximum of 20 people living with cerebral palsy, motor or neurological disorders. Many people we serve have been involved with Conductive Education throughout their early years into adulthood, while others have joined as adults. Our people are being supported to access their community, have their re/habilitation needs met and have opportunities to socialize with their peers, ultimately allowing them to take part in and enjoy everyday things, in everyday places.

Conductive Education is a programme developed specifically to enhance the quality of life for people with motor disorders and similar conditions. It is particularly effective for adults living with Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and after-stroke conditions. We are currently focused on supporting people living with Cerebral Palsy type conditions but look forward to increasing our reach to supporting people with other diagnoses.

We currently operate one day a week (each Friday) out of the magnificent new Braintree Wellness Centre, in Langdons Road.

Our strategic vision is to:

– Broaden our reach to include adults who have a more diverse range of support needs.

– Offer a range of opportunities and supports for people to connect with Adult Conductive Education Trust, for example through “telehealth” (virtual and social platforms such as Zoom).

Man walking between two supportive bars

Our History

In 2008, a group of parents of children with Cerebral Palsy and complex multiple disabilities started meeting to find a solution to the lack of services available for their young adults when they transitioned from school into adult life. Their shared vision was a centre for adults with Cerebral Palsy or motor disorders which employed an independent Conductor (a specialist trained in Conductive Education).

The Adult Conductive Education Trust (ACET) was established by this group in 2009, to develop this vision and ensure the re/habilitation system which their children had benefited from over many years would still be part of their lives. Whānau committed as much time as possible to this cause, while also supporting and caring for their adult disabled children. This resulted in progress not moving as quickly as they would have liked. It was exciting to have the first session for adults commence in February 2013, a fortnightly class on a Saturday for 4 young adults. In 2022, this has grown to supporting up to 20 adults weekly.

Our Team: ACET Staff and Board

Borbala (Bori) Toth


My name is Bori Toth, I’m from Hungary. I am a Conductor since 2009, worked worldwide since that with broad spectrum of clients – including adults with various causes and symptoms. I came back to NZ in 2022 and I’ve been honoured to become a member of ACET as well.

Nichola McGuire

Team Manager

I am the Team Manager, supporting the day to day running of the organisation. The passionate parent driven board at ACET, who I have worked alongside since 2013, have grown the service over the years which has been exciting to be part of. I am employed by Conductive Education Canterbury which allows great collaboration between ACET and CEC.

Sharon Holmes


I am the parent of Isaak who has attended the ACET Conductive Education sessions since our move to Christchurch from Adelaide in 2018. Isaak has been involved with CE since 2002 – throughout his school years and beyond.

For 10 years I was the President of Conductive Education South Australia. During that time we were able to grow CE services resulting in both increased public school programmes and private programmes for families.

My professional career has been in campaign planning, education and management roles in social justice work. The extra edge that our CE program has in New Zealand is the fantastic social interaction that continues to motivate our family to be involved in this wonderful service.

Debra Davies


Hi I am the parent of Ashlea who is 31 years old. Ashlea has been attending Conductive Education since she was 2! I have been a Trustee and Board member since 2008. I love the fact we are providing quality therapy sessions to our young adults.

Leesa Loffhagen


I have been involved in Conductive Education for many years through my son, Charlie, and am very passionate about it and delighted to be involved with Adult Conductive Education Trust. I have been a board member since 2020.

Mark Wales

Trustee and Member Representative

I attended Conductive Education Canterbury as pre-schooler and then I attended Conductive Education at Addington School and Conductive Education at Cashmere High School. I am the client representative on the Board and I bring ideas and feedback from my CE friends to the meetings. This is my first time being on a Board and I am really enjoying it.

Sally Thomas


I am the parent of Alex who attends ACET and have been on the Trust since 2016. My day job is the National Coordinator for the NZ Foundation for Conductive Education – so I am very immersed in CE and have a huge passion for it. Alex has been a part of CE since he was a pre-schooler and continues to benefit today – both from a physical wellbeing perspective and the great social side that ACET provides. It is an amazing service!

Lynda Vining


I am the parent of Christopher, who attends ACET and has been involved in Conductive Education for around 26 years. While my day job is running an electronics manufacturing company, I have been on the board of ACET since 2012 and active in Conductive Education within Canterbury for many years.

The ACET program meets the physical and social needs of our young people, to help them create their best life. A big asset to my son’s week.

Kathryn Bowler


I have been a Trustee with ACET since 2013. In my working background I have worked in accounting and also enjoy working at a strategic level with business planning. I use these skills to help advice and inform ACET at a business level and enjoy being one of the Board Members with the rest of the great team.